Sustainable jewelry with fair gold

Responsibly sourced, ethically traded and carefully processed gold brings more joy!

This is how our jewelry protects the resources of our planet

Since 2015 we have been the 1st goldsmith in Basel to process ecologically processed precious metals. We thus guarantee ethically correct trade and sustainable extraction of precious metals: Our gold, silver, platinum, palladium and also copper as an alloying metal do not come from a mine, which is known to cause constant damage to people and the environment. We obtain our gold from a Swiss refinery, which processes it from scratch, e.g. from processing residues or old gold. The gold, platinum, silver or palladium in your piece of jewelry is guaranteed to come from harmless sources far from conflict regions. The extraction of these precious metals is sustainable for the environment and protects natural resources.

Handmade “Swiss made”

The small Rhine pearl guarantees you that the precious metals in your piece of jewelry all come from safe sources. For people and the environment. Your jewelry is made by our small family business in our Swiss workshop – under ethically and socially impeccable conditions.

Our gemstones are also ecologically sustainable


In the media one reads again and again about blood diamonds from African civil war countries or those used to finance terrorism. We obtain our diamonds exclusively from 100% trustworthy sources. Our long-term suppliers guarantee us that all diamonds are ethically traded and guaranteed conflict-free. So you can enjoy your diamonds in your wedding rings with a clear conscience, knowing that both the precious stones and the precious metals in your jewelery are fairly traded.


Green Mining

We were the first goldsmiths in Basel to include Green Mining gemstones in our range. These are characterized by gentle degradation: neither is it blasted, nor are chemicals required for degradation or released. Large trees are spared and the mining area is then reforested. That makes these gems even more valuable!