Green Mining

Green Mining – 100% Nature

Green Mining – Sustainably sourced gemstones

We were the first goldsmiths in Basel to include Green Mining gemstones in our range. These are characterized by gentle degradation: neither is it blasted, nor are chemicals required for degradation or released. Large trees are spared and the mining area is then reforested. That makes these gems even more beautiful!

Orgeon Sunstone – Rare red gemstone

Oregon Sunstone is a feldspar that comes in colors ranging from rosé to red to petrol. Its hardness of 6.5 to 7.2 distinguishes it as a gemstone.

It is only found in these intense hues in two mining areas in Oregon, making it one of the rarest stones we know of.

Gemstones with impressive color spectrum

The full color spectrum of Oregon Sunstones is found at the Ponderosa Mine.
The raw material includes iridescent and clear stones, the color palette of which ranges from light yellow, salmon nuances to pure intense red tones. Rare teal Oregon Sunstones and two-toned teal red stones are also found.

Gentle mining and social commitment

The mine owners John & Talley Woodmark and Bruce Moore are not only personally interested in offering young adults from a social project the opportunity to work. It is also very important to you to operate a gentle dismantling. During your mining process, you minimize the use of machinery and the impact on the environment.

The top layers of earth are carefully removed so that large trees are protected and the extraction area can then be reforested. It is neither blasted nor are chemicals required for degradation or released. 100% nature.

100% natural – no color treatment

You as a customer can rest assured that every Oregon Sunstone is 100% natural. Desert Sun Mining & Gems does not treat its stones with chemicals, heat, diffusion or oil. All Oregon Sunstones are cut as they are found.

Shaped and crystallized by ancient volcanic forces, Oregon Sunstone is unique among feldspar gemstones. Above all, it impresses with its extraordinarily wide range of colors and its fine iridescence, which is caused by the finest embedded copper plates.

Rare labradorite with a short mining time

Only in Oregon is this stone, which belongs to the group of labradorites, found in gem quality. The Ponderosa Mine deposit is located in the Ochocco National Forest and was found by accident while searching for ancient Native American artifacts. Only when the sun melts the snow in spring does the relatively short, five-month mining period begin in the Ponderosa Mine.