Classic wedding rings

Classic wedding rings

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If the rough surfaces of our natural texture rings are a little too rough for you, the clean shapes that predominate in our classic wedding rings will appeal to you more. Here, the material itself is in the focus: the noble and heavy platinum is allowed to show off its noble shine, the flawless diamond set in gold ignites its beguiling fire. Warm shades of red gold flatter the ring finger in an unobtrusive way with their subtle hue. Modern white gold, on the other hand, is the golden mean for some: Even after many years of marriage, one does not get tired of its bright and simple elegance. The popular white gold is sometimes also worn not rhodium-plated and then captivates with its noble dark anthracite.

Glossy or matte surfaces?

High-gloss polish or matte finish, however, is entirely subjective personal preference. We love the ice matte finish that looks evenly scratched. Satin finishes are also very popular, as they have a much softer shimmer than the high-gloss surface, which is often perceived as rather hard. The general rule for all wedding rings is that every ring changes when worn. A shiny ring becomes slightly duller due to small scratches, while the matte wedding ring polishes up a bit visually due to quite normal daily wear marks. The deeper a matte finish goes, the longer it lasts. Whereas with relatively smooth surfaces a certain limit is naturally given by the hardness of the material. If you want deeper relief, we will cast your wedding rings starting from a wax model that already has the relief in this state. Quite classic wedding rings, on the contrary, are made from one piece of a smooth tube.

Hammered or milled

You can also create interesting surfaces with many small hammer blows. This gives your wedding rings a somewhat rustic touch and makes them stand out even more from other designs because of the visible handwork. Milling gives you even more textured small facets than hammering, which also looks very interesting and unique.

Our popular wedding ring service – far beyond the purchase

We will gladly take the time to advise you in detail and professionally and will first make you a non-binding offer at fairly calculated prices. Upon request, depending on the design, we will create an impressive photorealistic CAD visualization of your wedding rings in 3D before placing your order. Thus, you can be sure that you will get exactly the wedding rings you want.

Of course, we also accompany your wedding rings for a ring life. Would you like a matte finish refreshed, should your rings be re-polished? Of course, we will provide this service to you at any time.