Tahitian cultured pearls

Tahitian cultured pearls

The precious pearls from French Polynesia / Tahiti

These very special saltwater pearls are the only cultivated pearls that naturally have the dark colors that are currently in great demand. These are from olive green to petrol and anthracite to almost black. Very interesting nuances can also be found in lighter grey, pistachio or sand colored pearls. Here, too, there are major differences in colour, size and shape, which make each Tahitian pearl unique. Tahitian pearls are among the most valuable pearls due to the limited geographical breeding opportunities and the comparatively low annual yield of pearl farmers.

Classic pearls interpreted in a modern way

Our faceted Tahitian cultured pearls are also extremely extravagant: Only the most beautiful pieces of pearls may be used for this purpose, so that specialists can cut them like diamonds. If an inferior pearl with a thin mother-of-pearl layer were used, the white core would shine through. A modern crossover between pearl and precious stone, which is guaranteed to appeal to you!

Comparable to our engraved Tahitian pearls: The same applies here – only the best pearls are selected by hand and provided with floral patterns by hand, which gives these valuable pearls an even more organic touch.

  • Tahitiperlen_collier_Rund_hell_750-gelbgold_kugeln_kleineRheinperle_Basel
    Tahitiperlencollier Champagner/Sandfarben, mit Magnetverschluss und Goldkugeln diamantiert 750 Gelbgold

Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

Tahitian pearl necklaces are among the finest necklaces, with contrasting colors on the wearer’s skin. They also bring a refreshing change from white pearls, which are far more common in pearl necklaces. Not only the classic round pearls, which are an eye-catcher for every occasion, but also the more playful, small, coreless and therefore more irregular Keshi pearls or baroque Tahitian cultured pearls are very popular at the moment. Particularly special as they are comparatively rare in Tahiti: our sandy to champagne-colored Tahitian pearls, also with brownish hues – a precious rarity and a real feast for the eyes!

The mysticism of the South Seas on your finger: Tahitian pearl rings

A single dark pearl on the finger makes a beautiful contrast against the skin. Because of the usually cool color temperatures, best staged in white gold or platinum, almost no woman can resist the noble combination of materials.

  • Tahitiperlen-Creolen_Silber_Goldschmiede_kleineRheinperle_Basel
    Tahitiperlen-Creolen, 925 Silber

Tahitian Pearl Earrings

OWhether as a subtle pearl ear stud or a more playful variation in the form of a hanging creole: The color contrast also plays an important role here. We carry Tahitian cultured pearls in many colors and sizes, you are welcome to try out our wide range that we have on display in our goldsmiths. Experience has shown that ear studs are often preferred in everyday life, as they hardly touch the earlobe and are not distracting. Of course, a hanging Tahitian pearl is also happy to be staged a little more by the swing of the head of the wearer and to be admired by her spectators.